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Join online now with EASY PAY

No minimum term, only $17 per week.

There is a one off admin fee of $15 to cover your membership card



To cancel easypay you simply give us 1 month notice*

Other membership options pay at the gym:

  • 1 Month paid in full membership $130
  • 2 Month paid on full membership $210
  • 3 Month paid in full membership $310
  • 6 Month paid in full membership $520
  • 12 Month paid in full membership $750
  • Casual workouts (all day pass) $15
  • Gym 10 session concession card $120
  • School Students & Senior (70+) memberships $199 for 3 months

Other Services pay at the gym:

  • Sun capsule (10 sessions) $90
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition Plans


* To cancel EASY PAY you must give 1 Month notice in writing and
   in advance. You can email us on to give    
   us notice in writing. Please refer to our terms and conditions in
   your membership agreement form.

Our members at Pumping Iron Gym all share one common characteristic - the desire to get into shape.

We have members of all ages, sizes and experience at Pumping Iron Gym


Joey Broughton has lost over 50kg!

Joey is at Pumping Iron Gym most days keeping up his great work.

What an amazing journey.


Boxing at Pumping Iron Gym.

Keeping fit and having fun on our dedicated boxing machine.


Another awesome transformation.

Check out Jamie - you can see Jamie’s dedication and discipline certainly shows in his results.


Cardio fitness is one of the best ways to maintain ideal health.

When you regularly complete a cardio workout you’ll soon feel improvements in your over all health. Improved energy levels, more restful sleep, and happier moods are some of the early changes you’ll notice after regular cardio workouts.


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