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Collagen Bovine

Natures Sunshine
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Nature’s Sunshine Collagen contains essential building blocks for health and beauty. The peptides are easily incorporated into your daily routine and offer valuable structural benefits for youthful hair, skin and nails. Collagen also supports bones and joints for your active lifestyle.

Hydration is essential to great looking youthful skin, that’s why Nature’s Sunshine Collagen contains a unique blend of electrolytes and trace minerals which help support homeostasis and in turn optimise skin moisture and hydration.

Serving size 1 scoop (17g) contains:

Collagen peptides 17g (Bovine collagen)

Proprietary Mineral Solubility & Electrolyte Blend 255mg  (Trace minerals, potassium chloride, sea salt).

Stir: 1 scoop into any beverage (coffee, tea, water, fruit juice, etc.), or add it to your favorite recipes. Use daily for best results.