Covid 19 Lockdown Policy

Thank you for supporting Pumping Iron Gym, as we are a locally owned family business we do appreciate your support in times like lockdowns to help keep the doors open so you have a gym to come back to. 

In general we do not automatically suspend gym memberships during lockdowns.

Most of our members are happy to help support us in times like this. 

However if you wish to suspend your gym membership at anytime we are happy to do so for you.

Please note that there is a $25 charge for suspending your gym membership.

To put your membership on suspension you need to contact Debit Success:


Phone: 0800 481 0400

We look forward to seeing you back again very soon.

Please note:

  • Paid in full memberships cannot be suspended or cancelled or refunded.
  • Members are required to follow all the government regulations within Pumping Iron Gym.