Pumping Iron Gym has always sponsored individuals, teams and events that share a passion for sports and fitness. If you would like to be considered for sponsorship please send us your sponsorship proposal covering at least the points listed below.

What Pumping Iron Gym is looking for in a sponsorship proposal:

  • High visibility for Pumping Iron Gym before during and after.
  • Events or achievements in Whangarei
  • High standard of amateur or professional athlete
  • Increase awareness of Pumping Iron Gym brand
  • Increase sales/Gym membership through your followers or group

Your proposal should cover:

  • Background information that is relevant
  • Location/s and date/s of the sponsorship and or event
  • List of your existing sponsors 
  • List of your past sponsors
  • What you need from us: Money, Supplements, Clothing, etc
  • Benefits for Pumping Iron Gym sponsoring you or your team/club
  • Is this for ongoing sponsorship or one off event
  • How do you intend to increase sales/Gym members for Pumping Iron Gym through your followers or group (This must be more than putting a logo on a shirt)

Example of increased sales via a group:

"We are running a weight loss challenge for 12 weeks and as a part of the challenge we are putting together nutrition, supplement guidance and gym workout booklets. We would put in as part of the gym workout guidance that our challenge members must use Pumping Iron Gym. Challenge members can use a discount code you supply when joining Pumping Iron Gym. This way we will both know how many challenge members are signing up to the gym and sticking to the guide we set out for them.

Please send your sponsorship proposals with photos to:
Sponsorship: Pumping Iron Gym
email it to: info@pumpingiron.co.nz